Spring Core

Spring Core is the foundational module of the Spring Framework. It provides the core features of the framework, including Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI). IoC is a design pattern that enables loose coupling between components in an application, while DI is a mechanism that allows objects to receive their dependencies from an external source. Together, IoC and DI allow you to create and manage objects and their dependencies in a flexible and modular way.

Here are some of the key topics to learn in Spring Core:

  1. Introduction to Spring Core: This includes an overview of the Spring Framework, the history of the framework, and its main features.
  2. Inversion of Control (IoC): This topic covers the concept of IoC, which is the foundation of the Spring Framework. It includes an introduction to the Dependency Injection (DI) pattern, as well as the different types of DI provided by Spring.
  3. Dependency Injection (DI): This topic covers the DI pattern in detail, including the different types of injection (constructor, setter, and field injection) and how to configure and manage dependencies using Spring.
  4. Bean Scopes: This topic covers the different scopes of Spring beans, such as singleton, prototype, request, session, and global session.
  5. Bean Lifecycle: This topic covers the lifecycle of a Spring bean, including its creation, initialization, use, and destruction.
  6. Event Handling: This topic covers the event handling mechanism in Spring, which allows different components to communicate with each other using events.
  7. Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP): This topic covers the AOP paradigm, which is used to separate cross-cutting concerns from the main logic of an application.
  8. Profiles: This topic covers the use of profiles in Spring, which allows you to define different configurations for different environments.
  9. Expression Language (SpEL): This topic covers the SpEL language, which is used to express complex expressions in Spring.
  10. Spring Configuration: This topic covers the different ways to configure Spring, including XML-based configuration, Java-based configuration, and annotation-based configuration.

These are just some of the key topics to learn in Spring Core. Spring is a large and comprehensive framework with a vast ecosystem, so there are many other topics and modules that developers can explore based on their needs and interests.

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